Sociology is offered to pupils from KS4 onwards. Pupils will be introduced to the key methodologies, research techniques and theoretical concepts used in Sociology. By taking a closer look at society and revealing the underlying meanings of emerging patterns of social behaviour, pupils will develop a greater understanding of the rules and behaviours that govern our society, along with why – and how – these can change over time. They will explore how society is shaped by the economy, the education system, and the prevailing culture, as well as how individuals’ identities are, in turn, shaped by society. They will also examine key theories concerning what leads some people to break societal norms and fall into a life of crime and/or deviance.

Studying Sociology can help to pave the way for pupils to embark on careers in social work, social policy, social research, criminology, community development and youth outreach programmes, to name but a few of the potential opportunities pupils may wish to pursue. The subject will also encourage pupils to develop a wide variety of transferable skills, including critical thinking and analysis.

During 2017/18, our Year 11 pupils who selected Sociology as an option choice will be finishing a legacy course in GCSE Sociology, which they have been studying since the beginning of Year 10. This course will be discontinued from 2018/19 onwards.

Curriculum Overview
Year 11
Revision of key topics, including:

  • Sociology of youth
  • Research techniques
  • Sociology of the family
  • Sociology of crime and deviance
  • Investigating society
  • Collecting and using information and evidence
  • Culture
  • Socialisation
  • Identity

Internal assessments take place every half-term.

KS4 Exam Board Specification: OCR GCSE Sociology (J696)

Enrichment Offer

The Department offers subject-specific enrichment clubs and organises a range of educational visits throughout the year. Pupils are able to take part in school-wide competitions, as well as representing the Academy in local and national competitions designed to increase their engagement and enhance their subject knowledge. Intervention sessions to consolidate prior learning and ensure maximum progress are at the heart of our delivery model.