Year 12 have been planning their next steps for after they have completed their studies at Tong Leadership Academy this time next year.

Last week Year 12 pupils took part in our annual Progression Week. The whole week was focused not only on preparing them for university, apprenticeships and future careers, but also on skills building. During the course of the week, pupils enjoyed a bespoke visit to the University of Bradford, they took part in a UCAS Convention, and completed workshops back at school on writing strong personal statements and preparing UCAS applications.

Year 12 also spent a day at the Deloitte offices in Leeds working on a challenge to develop a new product for the ‘We Can Do’ company. Collaborating in their teams and supported by mentors, pupils then pitched their business ideas to a Dragons’ Den style panel.  This saw our pupils dealing with responsibilities and tasks outside their normal studies and pushed them outside of their comfort zones.

Christine Webster, Director of Post-16 Education, commented:

“I am proud to say that every student rose to the challenge and showed their abilities as team workers, effective communicators and resilient young people. There is potential within each one of them and I genuinely feel that this experience has allowed them to discover things about themselves that even they did not know.”

Year 12 pupil Sanah Ayub said:

“It was a good experience and helped us grow our team working skills.”

Pupil James Yates added:

“The day at Deloitte allowed me to work with people I have never worked with before and didn’t think I would work with. Everyone was contributing their ideas and it was good for team working and communication.”

Adam Sookia, one of the Deloitte mentors and the session organiser, said:

“I have to say, the effort put in and the results produced by the students from Tong were excellent. The behaviour and attitude from the moment they arrived was exemplary and we even had clients on the floor who commented how impressed they were. Some of the ideas generated were more creative and well thought through than those from when I have run similar events with Leeds and Sheffield University. I really enjoyed running the session and look forward to regrouping with the school soon.”