Online Learning Guidance


  • We would encourage all students to start by logging on to Microsoft Teams daily (see how to join in the resources section below).  Every morning, students should watch the daily recorded videos (see timetable/schedule below) and complete the work set using the recorded videos to help them. They need to go to the relevant subject channel to find the recordings and resources. Students should also complete any other work which has been set on Microsoft Teams.
Year 7 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Teacher recordings and resources will be uploaded on these days. 








PE/PA or Technology alternating fortnightly

PSHCE (Unstoppable Teen – Believe series)

  • After completing the work set on Microsoft Teams, we would encourage students to log on to Hegarty and Tassomai to complete the tasks set by their teachers.
  • We would also like to signpost the following online learning platforms to further support students’ learning at home. Please consider these as additional resources and online learning platforms which can be used on top of what we are providing as a school. Students can access a range of lessons delivered by teachers across a range of subjects.

Click on the links highlighted below to access each site. 

Oak National Academy 

BBC Bitesize

Seneca Learning provides revision on a range of subjects at KS3, GCSE and A Level.  

White Rose Maths provides a series of powerpoint lessons, worksheets and answers.  

Learning by Questions is an online learning tool for English, maths and science. 


We have added below a selection of resources across all subjects which you are able to download and complete. All of these resources are also available on Microsoft Teams. 

Title Download
Year 7 Food Technology Workbook Download
Year 7 French – Week 1 lesson (Numbers, Dates and Times) Download
Year 7 French – Week 2 lesson (Describing People) Download
Year 7 French – Week 3 Lesson (Family and Pets) Download
Year 7 French – Week 4 Lesson (Where I Live) Download
Year 7 French – Week 5 Lesson (School and Opinions) Download
Year 7 French – Weeks 6-8 Home Learning Workbook Download
Year 7 Geography Workbook – Weeks 1 and 2 Download
Year 7 History Tudors Workbook – Weeks 1 and 2 Download
Year 7 ICT Workbook – Lessons 1-3 (Hardware and Software) Download
Year 7 ICT Workbook – Lessons 1-4 (E Safety) Download
Year 7 Maths Workbook – Weeks 1-5 Download
Year 7 Music Lesson – Week 1 Download
Year 7 Music Lesson – Week 2 Download
Year 7 PE – Activity Diary Download
Year 7 PE – Exercise Activities Download
Year 7 PE – Sofa Circuit Task Sheet Download
Year 7 PE – The Lockdown Olympics Download
Year 7 PE – Weeks 1-3 Lessons – Fitness, Diet and Exercise Download
Year 7 Pre Recorded Microsoft Team Lesson Timetable Download