The academy promotes excellence and aspiration in everything its pupils do. The academy uniform is designed to reinforce this spirit of excellence. It is smart and practical, encourages pupils to take pride in being part of the academy and enables them to act as ambassadors for the Tong educational experience. The uniform is also designed to portray a professional and business-like image.

High standards of presentation are required at all times when wearing the academy uniform, with clean clothes, tidy hair and no jewellery (except where agreed on grounds of faith). Whenever the academy uniform is worn, it must be complete and not mixed with non-uniform clothing. This includes when travelling to and from the academy.

Our only uniform suppliers are:

  • Stevensons – 01727 815700
  • Natasha’s Schoolwear – 37 Westgate, BD1 2QT
  • The Uniform Shop – 54 Darley Street, Bradford BD1 3HN

Please note Natasha’s and The Uniform Shop will be continuing to sell its existing stock until March 2021 only. 

Please see our Policies and Publications page to access our Uniform Policy


Post 16 Dress Code Policy

Please see our sixth form standards page for details of the Post 16 dress code.

Parents’ Role

We ask that all parents respect and support our uniform policy and send their children to school correctly dressed, in clothes that are clean, pressed and in good repair.


We ask that you help to ensure your son/daughter is ready to learn unless and comes to school prepared. Bringing the correct equipment demonstrates positivity and excellence.

Your son/daughter will need a black bag, pen, pencil, ruler and expected kit and equipment.  In addition, a maths scientific calculator will be needed from year 7 onwards.  The academy approved calculator is a Casio FX85GT (Solar) Plus (see below).  These can be purchased online or via the student support shop within school.

Student Planner – Every student is given a planner which they must carry with them every day. The purpose of the planner is for students to plan their work and record achievements but also to ensure regular communication between parents/carers and the school.