Key Stage 5

The Academy operates a two-year Key Stage 5 where pupils sit A-Levels or Level 3 Vocational qualifications. Pupils make their preferred option choices towards the end of Year 11, led by a formal interview process. Pupils will embark on one of two pathways:either the vocational route or the traditional academic route (where they are also offered extra time for English and mathematics where necessary).  The primary focus is to ensure that every pupil is enrolled on the correct courses based on their options and ability, and that all pupils leave with a GCSE in English and Mathematics if this was not obtained at Key Stage 4.

Courses Available at Key Stage 5 (subject to demand)
Subject Course Title Exam Board Specification
Option A GCE Biology AQA 7401 (AS Level) / 7402 (A Level)
GCE Law AQA 7161 (AS Level) / 7162 (A Level)
Option B GCE Chemistry AQA 7404 (AS Level) / 7405 (A Level)
GCE Sociology AQA 7191 (AS Level) / 7192 (A Level)
 Option C GCE Psychology Pearson 8PS01 (AS Level) / 9PS01 (A-Level)
GCE Art AQA 7242
 Option D GCE English Literature B AQA 7716 (AS Level) / 7717 (A Level)
GCE Physics AQA 7407 (AS Level) / 7408 (A Level)
Option E GCE Maths Pearson 8MAO (AS Level) / 9MAO (A Level)
GCE History AQA 7041 (AS Level) / 7042 (A Level)

Pupils will study four options on the academic pathway in Year 12. However, moving into Year 13 they will have the option of dropping a subject to focus on the remaining three courses.

Courses Available at Key Stage 5 (Vocational – subject to demand)
Subject Course Title Exam Board Specification
BTEC Applied Science Extended Diploma in Applied Science Pearson TTY91
BTEC Performing Arts Extended Diploma in Performing Arts Pearson UWP61
BTEC Business and ICT Diploma in Business Pearson UCN27
Extended Certificate in ICT Pearson URF49
BTEC Health and Social Care Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care Pearson ULK64
English and/or Mathematics GCSE English Language AQA 8700
GCSE Mathematics Pearson 1MA1

Pupils will select one of the three options on the vocational pathway to study for both Year 12 and Year 13. If pupils have not already passed English or Mathematics at Key Stage 4, they will also attend additional lessons to achieve English or Mathematics.