To support pupils who are experiencing financial difficulties that make it harder for them to participate fully in their courses, we offer financial assistance.

Pupils who meet the eligibility criteria are able to apply for one of the following Bursaries:

  • A ‘Vulnerable Pupil Bursary’ of up to £1,200 a year – allocated to the most vulnerable young people.
  • A Discretionary Support Bursary – which our Sixth Form provides to pupils who need financial assistance with costs relating to their course.

Both the ‘Vulnerable Pupil Bursary’ and ‘Discretionary Support Bursary’ are linked to a pupil’s attendance, behaviour and performance during their study at our Sixth Form.

Vulnerable Pupil Bursary
Criteria Support
  • A pupil in, or who has recently left, local authority care.
  • A pupil who receives Income Support or Universal Credit because they are financially supporting themselves.
  • A pupil who receives Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in their own name and either Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Universal Credit.
  • A pupil who receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in their own name and either ESA or Universal Credit.
A bursary worth up to £1,200.
Discretionary Support Bursary
Criteria Support
  • A pupil who was entitled to free school meals in Year 11.
  • A pupil whose parents are currently claiming means-tested benefits [Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Child Tax Credit (where the annual gross income is no more than £16,190) or Universal Credit].
  • A pupil in Local Authority Care.
  • Free breakfast.
  • Free school meals.
  • Travel Bursary (dependent on how far you live from the Sixth Form).
  • Free uniform.
  • Free books and trips (residential trips would be subsidised).

Pupils may request our Discretionary Support Bursary at any stage during their studies. However, support cannot be back-dated.

For more information, including how to apply, please contact the school’s Business Support Manager.

You can also visit our Policies and Publications page to access our 16-19 Bursary Policy.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council – Post 16 Transport

Local authorities do not have to provide any free or subsidised post 16 travel assistance.  They do however have a duty to prepare and publish an annual transport policy statement specifying the arrangements for the provision of transport or other assistance that the authority considers it necessary to make to facilitate the attendance of all persons of sixth form age receiving education or training. 

Click here to view Bradford Council’s Post 16 Transport Policy Statement and to find further information on the travel concessions which are available to Post 16 students. 

Parents/Carers can provide feedback to Bradford Council on their Post 16 Transport Policy by completing a questionnaire.  Please click here to view the questionnaire.