Primary schools from across Bradford gathered at Tong Leadership Academy recently for a magical day of Roald Dahl inspired drama.

Our academy led the Matilda themed ‘Have a Go’ drama day through the Accelerate Primary Arts Partnership, together with Bradford-based The Cheer & Dance Company.

The day saw over 80 children from Bradford Academy and Carrwood Primary School have a go at singing, dance and performance as they experienced a taste of musical theatre laced with Matilda’s own brand of magic and mischief.

Rochelle Eager, our Arts Co-ordinator, commented,

“The Have a Go drama day invited primary school pupils to bring a familiar story to life through performance in the creative environment of our theatre and drama studios. It gave the children a fun introduction to performing in a low pressure environment; it was wonderful to see them so engaged in the activities and with smiles on their faces!”

Amber, a pupil at Carrwood Primary School, enjoyed the Have a Go drama day. She said,

“I liked acting and dancing.”

The ‘Have a Go’ drama day for primary school pupils is just one of the elements Tong Leadership Academy offers through the Accelerate Primary Arts Partnership. Using our first class facilities, we regularly host events and competitions in sports and the arts. In just a few weeks we will suspend our dazzling glitterball for the first ballroom dancing competition of the year, and next month we will host the Under 11 Sports Hall Athletics Heats.