Pupils at Tong Leadership Academy were among 200,000 across the country learning CPR as part of World Restart a Heart Day.

Taking part in sessions teaching CPR is vital for helping people survive cardiac arrests. Students were taught how to recognise a cardiac arrest, how to administer CPR, and how to use a defibrillator.

Every year 30,000 people in the UK have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, with just 10% making a recovery; Tong pupils hope to reduce that number in the future with their new found skills.

Local first aid training provider First on Scene provided the informative sessions at Tong.

Jon Matley, First on Scene director, commented:

“It is vitally important that young people are equipped with the skills to save the lives of those around them”.

Year 7 pupil Charlie added:

“I have really enjoyed the training. We all got to spend lots of time practising CPR on the dummies and I feel much more confident about helping to save a life.”

Tong pupils demonstrating how to restart a heart