Religious Studies aims to promote religious understanding and appreciation of people from all backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. Religious Studies equips pupils to meet the circumstances of living in modern society, and become good citizens. It promotes a sympathetic understanding of religions, including both those that are locally represented and those which have been formative in the lives of people in the history of the world. Pupils will be challenged with questions about belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth, enabling them to develop their own attitudes towards religious issues. Through Religious Studies, pupils gain an appreciation of how religion, philosophy and ethics form the basis of our culture. They develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work with abstract ideas, leadership and research skills.
Curriculum Overview
Year 7 Year 8

Combination of Religious beliefs and teaching delivered through topic areas

  • Faith in communities
  • Religious duties at Tong Leadership Academy
  • Religion and me
  • Jesus 
  • Judaism
  • Is it difficult being a Muslim in Britain today?

Thematic Studies 

  • Rites of passage
  • Marriages
  • Moral decisions
  • How the world was created
  • Hinduism
  • Humanism
Year 9 Year 10
  • Christian beliefs
  • Islamic beliefs
  • Christian practices
  • Islamic practices
  • Theme A: Relationships and Families 
  • Theme D: Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Theme E: Religion, Crime and Punishment
  • Theme F: Human Rights and Social Justice

Formal assessments take place at the end of each half-term.

AQA students will sit their RS examination in year 10. 

KS4 Exam Board Specification: AQA GCSE Religious Studies (8062)

Enrichment Offer

The Department offers subject-specific enrichment clubs and organises a range of educational visits throughout the year. Pupils are able to take part in school-wide competitions, as well as representing the Academy in local and national competitions designed to increase their engagement and enhance their subject knowledge. Intervention sessions to consolidate prior learning and ensure maximum progress are at the heart of our delivery model.

Useful Resources and Revision Support