Those pupils who effectively demonstrate our STAR values and behaviours and play an integral and positive role in the Academy community will have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills by becoming an Academy Leader. Such pupils are expected to embody our mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities through a commitment to excelling in their studies and helping others in their spare time, conducting themselves with integrity and being respectful to everyone they encounter. They will be willing to go the extra mile in terms of helping staff and supporting their fellow pupils, and behave impeccably both in and outside of the Academy.
Pupil Council Representatives

Our Academy has a vibrant Pupil Council, which gives pupils the opportunity to be actively involved in the leadership and management of the Academy. The Pupil Council provides a democratic forum where pupils can address Academy-related issues that affect their lives, ensuring open lines of communication between pupils and Academy staff.

The Council consists of a Core Executive Team which is then supported by a representative from each Year Group, as well as representatives from each tutor group, who support their classmates in generating suggestions and ideas. The Executive Team discusses feedback from pupils with the academy’s Senior Leadership Team.

The Council allows pupils to develop an understanding of the importance of freedom of speech and democracy, learning how to effect change in a constructive way. They develop a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities, and are able to address and debate issues of concern with staff. Elected by their peers, the Pupil Council gives all pupils a much-needed “voice,” ensuring that they become partners in their own education and are given a say in terms of how they learn and achieve.


Prefects demonstrate excellent leadership skills by overseeing the behaviour of their peers, ensuring the highest standards of discipline are maintained at all times – whether they are on the school bus, in the cafeteria, or walking along corridors between lessons. They set a positive example through their own behaviour and conduct.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors help to enforce the academy’s “zero tolerance” approach to bullying by intervening when they see  bullying taking place and reporting their concerns to teachers. Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors offer support and advice to pupils who are being bullied and encourage them not to suffer in silence. They are approachable, compassionate and patient, with good listening and communication skills.


Academy librarians help to look after the Academy library by managing loans and returns and ensuring that the library is kept neat and tidy. Our librarians have excellent IT and organisational skills and encourage their fellow pupils to develop a passion for reading, helping them to browse for books.

Subject Leaders

Pupil Subject Leaders work with subject departments to improve all aspects of teaching and learning in the Academy. They meet regularly, usually with the Head of Department, providing feedback, research, fresh ideas and pupil perspectives, as well as monitoring progress that is made.

Subject Leaders:

  • Support subjects during Academy events such as Option Evenings, Open Evenings and Taster Days
  • Support learning through booster sessions, lunchtime clubs and revision sessions
  • Mentor small groups of Academy pupils
  • Work with primary academies
  • Organise themed days
  • Develop displays
  • Help in the process of appointing new members of staff