Following the lockdown announcement on 4th January 2021, all pupils will now move to online learning via Microsoft Teams (MSTeams). We will also continue to use learning platforms including Hegarty Maths, Tassomai, ActiveLearn and GCSEpod to support pupils’ independent learning.

Remote teaching will be delivered through live lessons in the vast majority of cases. This will involve simultaneous direct teaching by subject teachers to their pupils.  A Parent and Pupil User Guide for MSTeams can be found within the documents below.  Please also click here to access information regarding Microsoft 365 learning. 

We have the same high expectations of pupils’ behaviour when they are learning remotely as we do when they are learning in school.  All pupils have been taught the protocols for working online and staying safe. We have includes tips for staying safe online within the document section below.

Codes of conduct for remote learning are included in the Remote Learning Policy which can be viewed in the document section below. We have also provided information for parents and carers regarding remote learning.

Pupils have already been provided with information on how to access MS Teams and should follow their normal timetable at the times shown below.

Period 1 – Form Time – Go to Assemblies Channel on MS Teams 08:10 08:30
Period 2 08:35 09:25
Period 3 09:25 10:15
Break 10:15 10:35
Period 4 10:35 11:25
Period 5 11:25 12:15
Lunch 12:15 12:35
Period 6 12:35 13:25
Period 7 13:25 14:15


We expect that pupils will spend the same amount of time working on a remote education day as they would in school.  This is because they will be following the usual school timetable for their lessons and completing independent learning and homework.

If your child does not have access to a device and/or the internet, please contact reception on 01274 681455 or via info@tong.staracademies.org and we will do our best to support you.


This section provides links for the additional online learning portals (highlighted blue).  All pupils have been provided with login details for these portals.

Seneca provides revision on a range of subjects at KS3, GCSE and A Level.

Hegarty Maths provides online learning and revision.

Tassomai provides science learning.

GCSEPod provides short sections (pods) of learning and revision covering all curriculum subjects.

ActiveLearn includes learning for KS3, GCSE and A Level English, maths, science and MFL.

Oak National Academy provides over 10,000 lessons and resources across all curriculum subjects.

Information Zone

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Parent and Pupil User Guide to Microsoft Teams Download
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Remote Learning – Parent Guide and Information Download
Remote Learning Policy Secondary Download
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