Social Enterprise &


Our project-based Citizenship curriculum teaches young people critical life-long skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness and accountability. Pupils take on increasingly responsible leadership roles that culminate in Leadership and Social Enterprise Projects in which they identify a community concern, and then plan, execute and evaluate a project to address it. Through these projects, our pupils:
  • Successfully manage challenging projects, from articulating a vision to project realisation
  • Anticipate and manage risks through strategic communication
  • Understand the role of advocacy
  • Manage stressful situations and negotiate with confidence
  • Build networks across multiple communities and stakeholders
  • Create and manage budgets that align to strategy
  • Lead and manage people
  • See change through a new lens
Micro-Tyco Challenge

The Micro-Tyco Challenge inspires entrepreneurial spirit and encourages pupils to engage in creative thinking, resourcefulness and teamwork, as well as improving their financial literacy, communication, leadership, project management and networking skills.

During the month of November, pupils engage in a four-week challenge where they are tasked with transforming a £1 investment from WildHearts – a philanthropic group committed to promoting business as a force for good – into as much money as possible. Competing in teams of five, pupils must use their ingenuity, creativity, experience and social networks to turn their meagre pound into a far more substantial sum, and the team that generates the most money wins.

The Challenge is open to participants from schools, universities and businesses across the world, and competition is fierce.

In keeping with the academy’s commitment to community service, all of the funds raised during the course of the Challenge are invested in enterprise projects spearheaded by people in the developing world, helping them to create sustainable ways to combat poverty and build a better life for themselves and their communities.

Pupils also receive world-class business training from Micro-Tyco Mentors, who are global leaders in their respective fields, to help them make savvy business decisions. They can also rest safe in the knowledge that the money they raise will be invested in ethical and life-changing projects.

Tong pupils have enjoyed incredible success in the Micro-Tyco Challenge, winning the Secondary Schools’ Category for three consecutive years from 2014-2016.

The Diana Award

The Diana Award is bestowed upon young role models who are selflessly transforming the lives of others and building momentum for positive and sustainable change. Pupils at Tong act as ambassadors for the Charity’s Anti-Bullying initiative and also volunteer as mentors and sports coaches in local primary schools, acting as role models for younger children and offering valuable advice and support. Through consistently going above and beyond the call of duty in their commitment to helping others, Tong pupils hope to honour the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

‘On Track to Achieve’

Pupils aged 14-19 benefit from taking part in Dame Kelly Holmes’ ‘On Track to Achieve’ initiative, an academy-based mentoring programme where pupils are able to receive inspirational advice from Athlete Mentors and take part in activities designed to build confidence and emotional resilience and encourage pupils to work as part of a team.

Mentors encourage pupils to set personal goals, focus on their development and progression, and take part in community action projects that will benefit people locally and beyond.